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Meter Loops

In an effort to better serve our members, Tri-County Electric offers several different meter loops for sale to members.

Styles Available and Pricing
  • 200 Amp Overhead to Underground Service - $725 including tax
  • 200 Amp Overhead to Overhead Service - $995 including tax
  • 200 Amp Overhead to Underground with an additional Overhead Load - $1,075 including tax
  • 100 Amp overhead to Underground Service - $565 including tax
  • 100 Amp Overhead to Overhead Service - $608 including tax
All loops are built according to Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Inc. specification sheets
  • Disconnects as listed
    1. 200 Amp - 8 circuit disconnect
    2. 100 Amp - 6 circuit disconnect
  • Two-year warranty
  • Rigid Aluminum Conduit - 15 feet
  • Copper Wire
  • Delivery and Installation - free


Security Lighting
For Safety and Security

Safety and SecuritySecurity lights provide much needed light over a wide area at a minimum cost. Any security light rented from Tri-County is maintained by cooperative personnel. This includes replacing bulbs, shields, and the photo electric eye. Security lights rented monthly from the cooperative are not wired through the electric meters, and do not affect the number of kilowatt-hours used.

Tri-County maintains an inventory of several types and wattages of security lights for rent by members. The most common size is the 48 watt, 4,814 lumen, LED which rents for $11.50 per month. Several other sizes and types are also available.

If you would like more information on meter loops or security lighting, please call Tri-County and ask for the Engineering Department or click here.  


Surge Protection

Tri-County offers both 'whole house' surge protection units as well as plug-in strip surge protectors. Your home runs very well when its electrical power is properly controlled. However,  uncontrolled electricity (in the form of lightning or other power surges) can damage the appliances and electronic equipment you depend upon for comfort and convenience. Tri-County's 'Strike Guard' surge protection program provides a sophisticated, two-stage system that can make your equipment more dependable than ever before.


Why Surge Protection is Important:

Surges can be caused by such varied events as lightning, cars colliding with utility poles, tree limbs falling on electrical lines, construction work, demand fluctuations within the home, and even disturbances transmitted through telephone and cable lines. Many power-surge problems can be associated with improper interior and exterior wiring and grounding. Grounding must adhere to the requirements of manufacturers, local code, and the National Electrical Code (NEC) for safety as well as proper operation of any surge protection system.

Commonly overlooked problems include improperly grounded main disconnects and circuit devices. A major concern involves multiple grounds which are not bonded together, such as telephone and CATV service entrances, satellite poles and dishes, metal well casings, and antenna towers. NEC recommends that all grounds be bonded together to reference a common ground.

Tri-County's 'Strike Guard' surge protection program provides a sophisticated, two-stage system that can make your equipment more dependable than ever before.

  1. The first stage of our program is a meter base adapter installed outside your home. This unit is designed to provide a high degree of protection for home appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, and electric ranges (appliances that are called "white appliances"). The meter base adapter must be installed by a qualified Tri-County representative. In some cases, a hard-wired device installed in a breaker panel by a qualified electrician may be necessary instead of a meter base adapter. Both units have identical warranties and additional insurance protection on the "white appliances" in the home.
  2. The second stage of the 'Strike Guard' program is the use of various plug-in surge protection devices inside your home. These outlet strips protect more sensitive electronic devices like home computers, entertainment centers, and portable phones. You can purchase these strips for your specific needs from Tri-County.

Together, these two stages provide the best protection available from electric disturbances from both outside and inside your home.

Electrical appliances are so much a part of our lives we hardly think about them -- until there's a failure. With a comprehensive home power protection program, you can help eliminate the constant risk of costly and inconvenient damages caused by power disturbances. Whether the disturbance is natural or man-made, small-scale or catastrophic, today's sophisticated protective systems can make your equipment more dependable than ever before.

Tri-County offers no warranties on these products.

Equipment and all warranties offered are through manufacturer and PSP Products, Inc.


For more information on the above items please call: 800-244-5151 Or  (618) 244-5151
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