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Certified Comfort Home Program

The Certified Comfort Home Program is designed for members who are building a new home that is energy efficient. Tri-County Electric will help members design a new home that is very energy efficient and comfortable. Once a member contacts the cooperative, a heat loss/gain will be calculated from the member's blueprints and the home will be rated. As the home is being built, a Tri-County representative will inspect the home to make sure the energy efficient qualities are incorporated in the home. After the home is completed Tri-County will tell the homeowner the estimated annual heating and cooling kilowatt hours AND guarantee the heating and cooling usage for a three-year period. If the yearly usage exceeds the guarantee, Tri-County will refund the difference to the homeowner. For more information contact Member Services Director Brad Austin at 618-244-5151.


Building the Home of Your Dreams 

We never seem to forget that the cost of owning a car includes the cost of gasoline. But for some reason many of us forget that the cost of owning a home includes more than a mortgage, insurance and taxes — it also includes the energy bills. Take the time to explore what local or state tax credits and incentive programs are available for investing in energy efficient products for your home. Talk to your lender about the advantages of energy efficient mortgages. Your local electric cooperative’s energy experts and the “Building the Home of Your Dreams” manual can help you build a home that gets more “miles-tothe-gallon.” The Illinois Electric Cooperatives are pleased to provide the Illinois Touchstone Energy Home guide to Building the Home of your Dreams. This booklet has lots of great ideas on how to build an energy efficient home that will give you and your family with a comfortable, affordable and efficient home for many years. This is the third version of “Building the Home of your Dreams.” 


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