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Becoming Energy Wise

Do you have an Energy Wise Home?

Becoming Energy Wise is about a lot more than changing a light bulb. You have complete control over how much your utility bills are each month. Every lifestyle decision you make will have an impact on your bottom line. It comes down to weighing how much you want to pay for your comfort level, and when do you want to pay for it. Check below to find out how you can become more Energy Wise.

Whether it's a quick heating cost comparison, or an in-depth online energy audit, Tri-County Electric Cooperative offers the tools to help you make informed decisions about your energy use.

Measuring Energy Use

Heating Cost Analysis

Contact the Member Services Department to have a comparison of the actual operating costs of different heating systems.

Home Energy Saver

This in-depth online energy audit from Touchstone Energy allows you to take control of your home's efficiency.

Home Energy Audit

A free on-site audit can be conducted to show you ways to make your home tighter and more energy efficient. Contact the Member Services Department to arrange an audit.


Energy Efficiency Resources

Home energy savings guideHome Energy Savings Guide

A starting point to get you on the way toward better energy management for your home. In this booklet you’ll find valuable tips designed to create greater home comfort and improve performance. Click on the document picture to download a copy of this guide.

Use energy wiselyUse Energy Wisely

This booklet offers practical tips for controlling your energy use.

Your family is uniqueYour Family is Unique

Every family is unique when it comes to their electric use. This handy book takes you through common reasons why your electric bill is what it is - and why it might not be like your neighbor's.  Click on the document picture to download a copy of this publication.

Certified comfort homeCertified Comfort Home

This guidebook goes through every step of the home-building process, with insightful and money saving tips throughout!

Click here to get a FREE digital copy of Building the Home of Your Dreams!

Where Can You Save Energy

Check out this fun graphic that takes you through how to save energy dollars in every room in the house. Energy Star Appliances Information


Geothermal Systems

Geothermal Systems (also called geoexchange systems or ground source heat pumps) utilize the nearly constant underground temperature to provide both heating and cooling to your home.

This naturally renewable resource provides up to 4 units of energy output for every 1 unit of energy you put in - making the system up to 400% efficient!


Air-Source Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps provide both cooling and heating from the same unit.  In the summer, the unit removes heat from your home and sends it outside. In the winter, the process is reversed, and the heat pump actually takes heat from the outside air (it works down to about 10 degress) and sends it into your home.

Air-source heat pumps operate at about 250% efficiency on the heating side (compared to about 94% for a high efficiency propane furnace.)  The cooling side could save you up to 40% on your current cooling costs.

Since air-source heat pumps require nominal backup heat, they are a great solution for retrofits - especially if you need to replace your existing air-conditioner.  They are second only to geothermal systems in system efficiency and operating costs.



Your home's insulation and your heating/cooling system are the most important aspects of your home's overall efficiency, and will have the biggest impact on how much you pay each month to maintain your comfort level.

Recommended Insulation types


Insulation Resources

US Dept. of Energy Fact Sheet  

For more information or a list of insulation dealers, please contact the Tri-County Electric Marketing Department at



Compact Fluourescent Lamps (CFLs) use about 75% less electricity than an incandescent bulb, and they last about 10 times longer! Plus, they now come in all shapes and sizes!



We recommend that you always purchase appliances that feature the Energy Star label. Check out the link below for more information. Energy Star Appliances

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