The cooperative lists several items on members' bills in order to provide more detailed information.

Items that can be detailed on bills include kilowatt hours used, service availability charge, security light rental, pole rental, wholesale power adjustment, and state utility tax.

  • The kilowatt hours used shows the energy consumption since the last reading (bill).
  • The service availability fee is a fee you pay to have everything there, ready and waiting for the switch to be turned on. 
  • The security light rental is a monthly fee for a security light that the cooperative maintains for the member. The fee includes the kilowatt hours used by the light as well as any maintenance that may be required such as changing the photoelectric eye or bulb.
  • The pole rental is a monthly fee when it is necessary for the cooperative to set an additional pole for a security light.
  • The wholesale power adjustment is a fee shown on a member's bill based on the cooperative's wholesale power cost from Southern Illinois Power Cooperative (SIPC). When the average cost the cooperative pays on a per kilowatt-hour basis varies from .07 cents per kilowatt hour the increase or decrease will be shown as a line item on members' bills.

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